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Void Flowers

Zin Taylor
Bywater Bros. Editions
Artists' Books
5.5 × 7.5 in
164 pages

Known for his sculptural interventions and an eccentric sensibility which “probes the malleable and mysterious divisions between concept and material”, Brussels based Zin Taylor (b. 1978) has begun to incorporate room-sized wall drawings into his visual repertoire of imagery. Featured in exhibitions at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen), Supportico Lopez (Berlin), Mendes Wood DM (Sao Paulo) and 1646 (Den Haag), Taylor uses drawings like words in a sentence, weaving elusive narratives that envelop the viewer.

Compiled for the first time in this artist book one can now see Taylor’s vast lexicon of imagery arranged alphabetically by subject matter. More low rent than high art, Taylor’s puffy cartoon renderings depict solitary objects (club, glass, smoke, taco, etc.) isolated in the middle of each page. Assembled from an extensive collection of hundreds of drawings Void Flowers is a compendium, glossary, and an index of the absurd.

Softcover. Numbered edition of 250.

  1. Void Flowers

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