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The Free Dependent

Kevin Rodgers
Bywater Bros. Editions
Artists' Books
14 × 21.5 cm
40 pp

Edited and designed by Kevin Rodgers

The Free Dependent is a publication based on Hannah Arendt’s 1961 book Between Past and Future, a collection of essays on freedom, education and authority. Evoking an intensive turn to the self, The Free Dependent widely references the body and philosophy: it examines the tensions between withdrawal and action, gesture and discontent. Utilizing black and white montages, the publication is comprised entirely from PDFs sourced online and scanned images. Originally developed during a residency at FLACC Belgium in 2014, iterations of The Free Dependent have been exhibited in D’un discours qui ne serait pas du semblant /Actors, networks, theories (Montreal) and Arbeid, at Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art (Belgium).

  1. The Free Dependent

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