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Lynn Valley 6

Roe Ethridge and Cheyney Thompson
Presentation House
Artists' Books
16.5 × 23.5 cm

Lynn Valley 6 is collaborative bookwork by New York artists Roe Ethridge and Cheyney Thompson. Ethridge is a photographer known for his clear depictive style and eclectic subject matter, while Thompson’s most recent works are abstract and semi-representational paintings on canvas. Together, they have created a book that combines two highly diverse practices into a unique dialogue.

Published in conjunction with a two-person exhibition at Art Basel Miami in 2009, Lynn Valley 6 includes selected documentary details of Thompson’s paintings together with outtakes from Ethridge’s commercial magazine work. Their juxtapositions, which at first appear haphazard, coalesce into an increasingly complex rumination on the creative process. Along with glimpses of both artists’ studios, the book also includes notebook sketches, collages, fabric samples and color charts. Utilizing a collagist approach, Lynn Valley 6 presents each artist’s work in a way never seen before.

  1. Lynn Valley 6

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