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Not Joy Division

Andrew J Paterson
Artists' Books
5 × 7 × 0.4 in
100 pp
Creative Writing

“Mystery, melancholy and hard-boiled lyricism bleed together in Paterson’s Not Joy Division … A ludic-yet-painful text that is part pastiche and part theory.”
– Lynn Crosbie, author of Paul’s Case and Where Did You Sleep Last Night

“Taking place almost entirely inside the noir landscape of Facebook the protagonist wanders the nightmare corridors of aging post-punk subcultural malaise looking for an answer.”
– Steve Kado, artist, musician, and writer for Artforum, F_lash Art_, and C Magazine

“Essential reading for anyone interested in oral tradition and in the frenzied rate at which everything is appearing and disappearing around us.”
– Nicole Gingras, curator and writer

“Through even-tempered prose, Marienbad-like dialogue and Facebook epistles, Paterson tells a particular story that parallels the end of radio’s hold on youth culture, a time when music, visual art, politics and poetry shared boyfriends and girlfriends, powders and fluids, showers and blood baths.”
– Michael Turner, author of Hard Core Logo and A_merican Whiskey Bar_

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour

1st Edition


  1. Not Joy Division

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