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Andrew James Paterson: Collection/Correction

Andrew J Paterson
Mousse Publishing
Artists' Books
23 × 29 × 1 cm
102 pp

Collection/Correction is a publication edited by Jacob Korczynski that surveys Andrew James Paterson’s (Toronto, 1952) writings for the first time. Co-published by Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse Publishing, Collection/Correction is anchored upon a series of new and recent poems and also includes four of the scripts from his videos The Walking Philosopher (2001), Eating Regula_r (2004), _12 × 26 (2008) and Passing (2013) and four of his fictocriticism texts that were published in IMPULSE magazine between 1980 and 1989. Of Collection/Correction, Ruth Noack asks: “Can language be eaten? Can words be used to build a castle? Would the artist’s prose and poetry provide us with another path to culture than the one trudged by philosophy, literature and criticism? Andrew James Paterson’s writings perform for his readers the liminality between cognition and art.”

Edited by Jacob Korczynski


Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour

ISBN: 978-8-8-67492-398

  1. Andrew James Paterson: Collection/Correction

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