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Notes from the Foundry

Spaces Corners
Artists' Books
18 × 22 × 1.8 cm

Edited by Melissa Cantanese & Ed Panar

Although the artists in Notes from the Foundry deal with similar subjects, the subtle differences in sensibility become apparent upon closer viewing of the book. Shifting from portraits to landscapes to sculptural details, each artist riffs on the subject in their own way, adding to the whole and suggesting their own intonations. While the decision not to foreground the artists allows for some slippage between often-similar works, this intentional strategy succeeds in offering a larger multifaceted portrait that intentionally frustrates any easy reading and forces the reader to draw their own connections. Although humble in size, the book is a timely and conceptually astute snapshot of contemporary social documentary photography in the US.

Includes photographs by:

Gregory Halpern, Darin Mickey, Corine Vermeulen, Andrew Borowiec, David La Spina, Suzanna Zak, Daniel Shea, Susan Lipper, Andrew Moore, John Lehr, Nicholas Gottlund, Zoe Strauss, Jacob Koestler, Ross Mantle, Sean Steward, Todd Hido.

  1. Notes from the Foundry

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