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Michael Dudeck
self published
Artists' Books
17 × 21.6 cm

Parthenogenesis exposes the battleground between archaic dualities. Symmetry and proportion wage war against annihilation and the visceral. Ritual practice and mystical questions attempt to regulate an inner barbarity that threatens to strangle and destroy. The Eden myth is resurrected and explored as an archetypal division; what constitutes each aspect?

Much of the text in Parthenogenesis comes from the artist himself, but interspersed throughout the work are the words of over 30 thinkers/artist/writers that explore the same archaic divide.

The Parthenogenesis publication is an attempt to map out the conceptual and poetic terrain of Dudeck’s large-scale performance / installation of the same name. The Parthenogenesis project is a trans-disciplinary production merging drawing, sculpture, video, performance, installation, sound and text

Edition of 100

  1. Parthenogenesis

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