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  1. Cale Weir  and Inez Genereux: Capital Redemption: The Conceptual Rewards Card
  2. Drew Lint: Rough Trade
  3. M/M (Paris) Temporary Tattoos
  4. Becky Bayer: Give and Take
  5. TORONTO BERLIN 1982 - 2012
  6. Chris Lange: Typographic Obfuscation
  7. Ryan Compton: Project 2
  8. Ryan Compton: Project 6
  9. Beni Bischof: Added New Protection (special edition)
  10. Tanya Busse and Joar Nango: Vestavin
  11. Jeremy Jansen: Artist Zine
  12. Jenny Lin: One Evening
  14. Sarah Nasby: Italicized Envelope and Card
  15. Katie Bethune-Leaman: tiny hat (A tiny hat from a large hat.)
  16. Jenine Marsh: Conductive Stretch
  17. Michelle Kurancid: Freed from the Known (unbound)
  18. Shawn Kuruneru
  19. About A Bicycle Issue 2: And I Didn’t Even Call the Police!
  20. P_LAB Times Square Webcam 3
  21. Paul Collins and J.J. Phalix: 7 Scories
  22. Eunice Luk: Daily List No. 1
  23. Zeesy Powers: Eight Stories (special edition)
  24. Ethan Greenbaum, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, and David Kennedy Cutler: &&&
  25. Gordon Foster: Ten Lessons Every Artist Should Learn (and other trite sayings).
  26. Eldon Garnet: Categories of Dissapearance
  27. Shane Krepakevich: Jump Rope for & and +
  28. Jamie Ross: Fallow La Friche: Unsettling Eastern Ontario
  29. Cara Benedetto: this book owns no one
  30. Cara Benedetto: I M POSTER
  31. Cara Benedetto: A Book Signing Even 4 Judges
  32. Cara Benedetto: the friends of the lifetime
  33. Cara Benedetto: The Aesthetics of Love
  34. Ho Tam: hotam #3
  35. Ho Tam: hotam #2
  36. Ho Tam: hotam #1
  37. Pascaline Knight: A Knight Move
  38. Pascaline Knight: Le Ralenti Énumère Les Possibles
  39. Natural Disaster Magazine 01
  40. Rick Myers: Books & Activities (with a bullet for Buñuel)
  41. Melissa Luk: Mask notebook (large)
  42. Blair Brennan: REV 1 - 4
  43. PrarieSeen Zine
  44. Sara Norquay: Resolutions
  45. Sara Norquay: Art Free Zone Zine 1- 3 and Resolutions Book (Felt Package)
  46. Shelagh Keeley: Notes on Choreography and Drawing
  47. Jeffrey Klassen and Sergio Serrano: Xenomorph (3-pack)
  48. K8 Hardy, Steve Kado, and Jon McCurley: Prism of Reality, Issue Number 2
  49. Leah James: photographs
  50. Louis M Schmidt: 121412
  51. Louis M Schmidt: Tokyo Subway Steps
  52. Louis M Schmidt: Tokyo Masks
  53. Peter Dudar and Lily Eng: Missing Associates: Lily Eng and Peter DudarPerformance Art and Experimental Dance (DVD)
  54. Andrew Zealley: Disco Hospital: Practitioners Manual
  55. Andrew Zealley: FAGGOTS: a PSBEUYS workbook
  56. Ho Tam: Poser 2
  57. Shawn Kuruneru: Graphic Situations #1
  58. Felix Kalmenson: Conversations
  59. Sholem Krishtalka: The Magician
  60. Sholem Krishtalka: The Hermit
  61. The Burnt Lands
  62. Anther Pamphlet Issue 4 SCALELESS!
  63. Laurie Kang: This Happened
  64. Jp King: Bill Boards
  65. The Adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life - The Low Life Epic
  66. Gary Starks: The Problem With Using Oneself as Subject Matter
  67. The Adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life – Dancing With Myself
  68. The Adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life – Finding TrackHouse
  69. Fly: Peops #5
  70. Fly: Peops #6
  71. Chris Boni, Sebastian Frye, Amy Funk, and Alexandra MacKenzie: Hers
  72. Chris Boni: Poems Done
  73. Fly: PEOPs #7
  74. Palimpsest: WHAT DO WE DO NOW NOW WE WAIT - Vol. 6 BOREDOM
  75. Palimpsest: WHAT DO WE DO NOW NOW WE WAIT - Vol. 5 WDWDNNWW
  77. Palimpsest: WHAT DO WE DO NOW NOW WE WAIT - 2nd Edition
  78. Palimpsest: WHAT DO WE DO NOW NOW WE WAIT - 1st Edition
  79. Palimpsest: WHAT DO WE DO NOW NOW WE WAIT (Set of 6)
  80. Sylvia Matas: In Every Direction
  81. Terence Reeves: Between the Skyline and the River
  82. Michael Benjamin Brown: Winterhouses
  83. Soner Ön: Richie Rich
  84. Soner Ön: The Light In The Dark, With The Neon Arms
  85. Soner Ön: A Pigeon to The Phoenix
  86. Art School {dismissed}
  87. Robin Cameron and Rochelle Goldberg: Moves 1
  88. Robin Cameron and Rochelle Goldberg: Moves 2
  89. Felicity Tayler: A Group of Cluster of Related Things (un groupe des choses èparses)
  90. Casco Issues #2: Parallel Worlds
  91. Jimmy Limit: Farewell to Romance
  92. Jimmy Limit: A lack of almost everything
  93. Jimmy Limit: I’m not forget (MA EI UNUSTA)
  94. Nadia Foerster: Police! Dogs!
  95. Nadia Foerster: Baby Train
  96. David Kennedy Cutler: Against Geology/The Blossoms of Greenpoint
  97. Emily Smit-Dicks: Broken Flowers
  98. Dual CULTure
  99. Ryan Foerster: Untitled
  100. Ryan Kerr: On Growin’ Up…a guide
  101. Francesca Vivenza: Terra Cotta
  102. Terence Reeves: Genuine Hickory
  103. Document, Issue #2, Summer 2010
  104. Barbara Balfour: Behind the Restaurant, 2010
  105. Stephanie Shepherd: Stubborn Objects, 2010
  106. Jason McLean: ’Dream’, 2010
  107. Jason McLean: ’On the ropes’ , 2010
  108. Terence Hannum and Scott Treleaven: Call and Response, 2010
  109. John Marriott: Burnable Contemporary Art Gallery
  110. John McLachlin: Homme Fatal (redux)
  111. Karen Kraven: Small Shipping Requirements
  112. Barbara Balfour: This Book
  113. Adam David Brown: silence
  114. Julia Martin: Wring Your Hands, Sing the End!
  115. The Pleasure Is Back: Stop the bullying!
  116. The Pleasure Is Back: Take Your Pick
  117. The Pleasure Is Back: We’re still breaking the rules
  118. Danielle Greer: Slideviewer
  119. Emily Grove, Alison Kobayashi, and Jennie Suddick: CRY SCHOOL
  120. FASTWÜRMS: Cat Portrait
  121. FASTWÜRMS: Green Pentagram sticker
  122. Luis Jacob: Coalescent One
  123. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Porcelain poo
  124. ArtStars*: *snap*
  125. Andrew McLaren: DCLXVI [printed crossed out], a second treatise on the Number of the Beast (666)
  126. Kat Citroen: The Pieta
  127. Kat Citroen: Madonna with Rye
  128. Daniel Olson: Freudian Slip-On
  129. Karen Kraven: Aspiration Kite #1,
  130. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Maquette for an Impromptu Monument: Princess Diana Memorial Tartan
  131. Zeesy Powers: Butterfly Loop
  132. Eric Doeringer: Art Basel VIP Cards
  133. Eric Doeringer: Real Estate Opportunities
  134. Mothers of Haiti
  135. Accidental Muse
  136. Birdhead Retrievability Frame for Polaroid
  137. Cecilia Berkovic: Found Hat
  138. Caleigh Dunfield: A small book of prints of scans of etched sheets of 4 x 5 film of paper tracings of Facebook images of friends
  139. Ryan Foerster: Foerster 7
  140. Mark DeLong and Jason McLean: Tracey Chapman Research Centre
  141. Jason McLean: The day (don) the world blew away
  142. Shawn Kuruneru: Shadowboxing
  143. Paul Kneale: Studio wall time-capsule (II) 2008/2009
  144. Illusory Self #2
  145. John Bride: Illusory Self #1
  146. Bold Saber: Memory Foam
  147. Bold Saber: tea time
  148. Dusty Peas: A Journey Through Time & Shapes (print/sculpture)
  149. Thesis Sahib: Graffiti Disguise
  150. #2
  151. Rita Kamacho: Infinity Nets
  152. Xan Hawes: The Perfect Shelf
  153. Michael Dudeck : Parthenogenesis
  154. Paul Kneale: Excess Capacity
  155. Zin Taylor: Knife
  156. Miles Collyer: Culture Out of Context
  157. Daryl Vocat: Out of the closets...[button]
  158. Sandy Saad: Sexy Sweeteners
  159. Andrew Waite: Ornament
  160. Andrew J. Paterson: MAILMALE
  161. Jacob Ireland: Handglass
  162. Jacob Ireland: Handflute
  163. Maura Doyle: Poster Dipped in Squirrel Footprint Water
  164. Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: V.L.P. Club: Lucky Lips
  165. Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Lucky Lips
  166. Paul Kneale: Illegal Weed Gardens
  167. Julie Voyce: Yule Jules
  168. FASTWÜRMS postcards - individual (from a set of 8)
  169. Steve Kado, Amy Lam, and Jon McCurley: MY TOPICS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE
  170. Daryl Vocat: Pact For Adventure
  171. Bird Radio - Vogelradio
  172. James Whitman: Outbuildings & Livestock
  173. Robin Cameron: The Never Mind
  174. Cathy Busby: The North End Vol. I & II Box-Set
  175. Cathy Busby: The North End Vol. II
  176. Cathy Busby: The North End
  177. Ron Tran: The Peckers
  178. Jason McLean: Alone at Home
  179. k.g. Guttman: ELAPSE I & II (Special Edition)
  180. Video Hymn Zine #5
  181. Stephen Andrews: Untitled
  182. Stephen Andrews: Hoi Polloi
  183. Nadja Sayej: Anti-Game
  184. Tom Dean: Varieties of Hell - complete set
  185. Tom Dean: Best Sellers
  186. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #17
  187. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #23
  188. Stephanie Schairer: I’m Fickle Temporary Tattoos: Commitment Issues
  189. Radmard Parvaneh: Another Birth
  190. Eve Egoyan: Erik Satie: Hidden Corners (Recoins)
  191. Eve Egoyan: Asking
  192. Jerry Drozdowsky: Luigi Board
  193. Daniel Olson: Die Alte Tante
  194. Derek Sullivan: Galley Covers
  195. Tanya Read: The Essential Nobody
  196. Steph Rogerson: Glitter Winner
  197. moimoi design: Ethnographic Portrait of Canada
  198. Debra Pearlman: Pacifier Shopping Bags
  199. Patrick Mahon: Re-Entry Wallpaper
  200. Lise Melhorn-Boe: Big Black Bag
  201. Lise Melhorn-Boe: Family Album
  202. Daniel Olson: Cinematheque Ontario
  203. Daniel Olson: Ontarion Arts Council, meeting new challenges
  204. RM Vaughan: Grade 8
  205. Mario Scattoloni: Discs
  206. Jeremy Drummond: Selected Videos 1998-2004
  207. Julie Voyce: Angel and Devil
  208. Julie Voyce: 5x5 Images
  209. Julie Voyce: GTA Dolls
  210. Evolutionary Girls: Stereo Vision
  211. Arise! (The Internationale)
  212. Craig Leonard: Biblio Files
  213. Christine Baigent: The Memory of Your Body Lingers: queen sheet set
  214. Daryl Vocat: A Sense Of Fair Play Promotes Allegiance
  215. Patrick Love: Copper X: Tales for a static generation
  216. John Marriott: Fall Guys Mobile
  217. Andrew Zealley: Empathetic Ear
  218. Jacquet Marianne: A VOTRE BON COEUR
  219. Volume 5 of the The Syntactic Analyses Series - ““The Confession““
  220. Holly Jane Ward: Folklore
  221. Lucy Pullen: Instructional Video for Ash Holes
  222. Nestor Kruger: “Habits Return“ Diagram
  223. The Phoenix Catalogue Volume 1: An Exploration in Conceptual Art Compiled by Paul Bell
  224. Art & Language..Confessions: Incidents in a Museum
  225. FiZZZ BZZZZ: PERKOMETRY: Snout No. 3
  226. Paul Goodrich: Delray Open Archive
  227. Paul Goodrich: Figuring Out Holes Figuring Out
  228. Eva Zielinski: Inside Parts of Parts of a Whole

Noah Lyon vs. Raymond Pettibon
  230. Noah Lyon: ARTFORMULA #1 : All Your Favorite Artists
  231. Tonik Wojtyra: Beaver
  232. Errol Richardson: Manifold
  233. Derek Sullivan: Sixteen Books by Artists: Check this shit out
  234. Michael Werner: White Squirrel Buttons
  235. John Marriott: Art Mutters
  236. Robert Fones: I am an Art Metropole Dog
  237. Bill Burns: Prison Tower Plans, Prison Cell Plans and the Songs of Guantanamo Bay
  238. Mirak Jamal: Folklore of the Orientalists
  239. Stephen Ellwood and Stephen Ellwood: Untitled
  240. Hannah Jickling: Glasgow: City of Love (All the Places I’ve Shagged Snekes Mow) 2002-2007
  241. Edie Fake: This is not a Place for Lovers
  242. Charmaine Wheatley: Beau Fleuve: The Heart of North America
  243. Judith Geher: Belle Coiffure
  244. Joel Gibb and The Hidden Cameras: The Third Leg Buttons
  245. Bernhard Cella: Annual Table on Art in Austria
  246. Daryl Vocat: Scout Kiss button
  247. Fly: Total Disaster
  248. Robert Fones: Buttons
  249. Michael McCormack: Busy Signals
  250. James Carl: t-shirt
  251. Ian Murray: Linguistic Study #5: Chinese Gift Shop Carvings
  252. Maura Doyle: The Mail Order Catalogue Issue 7 Natural Oddities
  253. Julie Voyce: 1957 (40 05) 1993 2037
  254. Lucy Pullen: 5183 Sackville St.
  255. Pica Magazine No. 8
  256. Zoë Dodd and Alexander McClelland: Thoughts on an anarchist response to Hepatitis C & HIV
  257. Philip Woollam: Variations
  258. Philip Woollam: Crossways
  259. Philip Woollam: Untitled (jugs)
  260. Kevin Spenst: What The Frag Ment
  261. Kevin Spenst: SNAP
  262. Michael Mann: Michael, the Bed Bugs, and the Fuckhead Landlords
  263. Eunice Luk: it’s only five after ten
  264. Eunice Luk: Half the time...
  265. Eric Kostiuk Williams: Hungry Bottom Comics 3
  266. Beni Bischof: F.Y.
  267. Beni Bischof: Sausage Power Issue
  268. Beni Bischof: Very Important Diagrams
  269. Beni Bischof: Handicapped Cars II
  270. Beni Bischof: Handicapped Cars
  271. Beni Bischof: Fuck You
  272. Beni Bischof: Finger Power
  273. Joar Nango: Sámi huksendáidda: the FANzine #3
  274. Joar Nango: Land &Language
  275. Joar Nango and Silje Figenschou Thoresen: The Indigenuity Project
  276. Niall McClelland: Untitled folded poster set
  277. Eloisa Aquino: From the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes: AUDRE LORDE
  278. Zoya Honarmand and Maryam Taghavi: From Mouth to Mouth: An Exercise in Intimacy
  279. Christian Julien Siroyt: The Trinity University Review CXXIII
  280. Eunice Luk: Part of an Apple
  281. Eunice Luk: Untitled (Vassel)
  282. Sam Cotter: …but eat the poor first
  283. Jay Dart: Wanderer of Yawnder
  284. Basil AlZeri: BALZERI HAIRY BAGS
  285. Karen Lofgren: Trajectory Object c.2000-2050
  286. Maggie Groat: MINERAL
  287. Marie-Michelle Deschamps: La Chambre Double
  288. Marie-Michelle Deschamps: The Two Fold Room
  289. Zeesy Powers: Eight Stories
  290. Eunice Luk: Tote Bag
  291. G Douglas Barrett: Two Transcriptions/Ode to Schoenberg
  292. Eldon Garnet: Categories of Dissapearance (limited signed and numbered edition with artist print)
  293. fuck her good doer in the nice golden see thru
  294. Hazel Meyer: The One About Baby
  295. Mark Laliberte: Angry Black Bag
  296. Mark Laliberte: Angry Black Bang
  297. Mark Laliberte: BRICKBRICKBRICK
  298. Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art Vol. 13, No.1
  299. Ho Tam: POSER 3
  300. Justin Gordon and Hugh Mater: Hi!Score
  301. Laurie Kang: 33 Circles collage (framed)
  302. Laurie Kang: 33 Circles collage (unframed)
  303. Sara Norquay: Art Free Zone 1- 4 (Paper Packaged)
  304. Yvonne Mullock: Mushrooms of North America/ Vogue
  305. Eric Kostiuk Williams: Hungry Bottom Comics (2012)
  306. Aaron Cometbus: Cometbus #55: Pen Pals
  307. Stephanie Noritz: Somewhere Else
  308. Manifesto of Real Democracy: The Guide to Liberty, Equality, -- and Survival
  309. Leah James and Shawn Kuruneru: Leah James & Shawn Kuruneru: Pure Image Everything (newsprint poster)
  310. Louis M Schmidt: Against Architecture, Volume One: Tokyo
  311. Ho Tam: Poser 1
  312. Eric Kostiuk Williams: Hungry Bottom Comics: 2 Fags 2 Furious
  313. Felix Kalmenson: Daily Paper
  314. Felix Kalmenson: Growths
  315. John Latour: RÉTROFICTIONS
  316. Anuta Skrypnychenko: Work
  317. Patrick Kyle: Distance Mover 7
  318. Alicia Nauta: A Bucket About To Be Tipped
  319. Jimmy Limit: Spring/Summer 2012
  320. Nathalie Quagliotto: The Marble iPods
  321. Micah Lexier: This Box, The Piece of Paper
  322. Elliot Vredenburg: Corporate Image Search
  323. Elliot Vredenburg: This Is Cloud Country
  324. Jp King: JP KING: Single Bills
  325. Chris Lee: Speculative Numismatics
  326. Anthony Cooper: Pillows (small)
  327. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and Geoffrey Pugen: Tie-break Wheaties boxes
  328. Gary Starks: Between Homes in Toronto
  329. Fly: Peops #4
  330. Chris Boni: off of from
  331. Sebastian Frye: Goose Down
  332. Sebastian Frye: HELD
  333. Caroline Macfarlane and Vanessa Nicholas: The Good Bike Project
  335. Jimmy Limit: Spring/Summer 2012
  336. Mike Billington: Free Money
  337. Tings Chak: Where the Concrete Desert Blooms
  338. Drawing Room Confessions #4: David Lamelas
  339. Drawing Room Confessions #3: Miriam Cahn
  340. Drawing Room Confessions #1: Charles Avery
  341. Drawing Room Confessions #2: Jason Dodge
  342. Tracy Ma: Reference Manual
  343. Paul Kneale: Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy - Robbins, David
  344. Shawn Kuruneru: Dot Drawings
  345. Instant Coffee: Good News, Issue #3
  346. Jason McLean: Path of Wonder
  347. Jason McLean: On my brain
  348. Art Criticism and Other Short Stories
  349. Stephen Ellwood: Untitled
  350. Derek Sullivan: Manuscript for Wattle & Daub,
  351. Ryan Foerster: Foerster 4, Rats in the Hallway alt
  352. Chris Lee: Alternative Currencies: An Essay and a Toolbox
  353. Francesca Vivenza: Your House is My House
  354. Francesca Vivenza: Svelare/Unveiling
  355. Francesca Vivenza: All the Roads Lead to
  356. Francesca Vivenza: Planets warn Taurus
  357. Tonik Wojtyra: Hush My Dear
  358. Jason McLean: ’Free Box…Free’, 2010
  359. Jason McLean: ’The Nose’, 2010
  360. Jason McLean: ’I was never seen again: Ireland 2010’, 2010
  361. Mike Billington: “Bad Jokes“
  362. Fuck Death Foundation: Aeolian Fuck Death
  363. Jamie Q: Wood Bond
  364. Times Neue Roman T-shirt
  365. Robert Dayton: Button Manifesto
  366. Emily Hogg: Fridge Fridge Magnet
  367. Kelly Mark: No Tofu / No Yoga Mat (zippo)
  368. John Marriott: Dream a little Dream
  369. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Desert Island Toast
  370. Mike Billington: Thinking Pain
  371. Julia Martin: French For Beginners: A Be Sea
  372. Julia Martin: Today Is A Very Long Day + Is It Tomorrow Yet? (set)
  373. The Pleasure Is Back: Sweet Transvestite
  374. The Pleasure Is Back: Forget what tennis used to be.
  375. The Pleasure Is Back: I’ll Never Hunt Ducks Again
  376. The Pleasure Is Back: Don’t blow it.
  377. The Pleasure Is Back: “Can I Be Your Son?”
  378. The Pleasure Is Back: Why wait for tonight… aren’t you a woman all day?
  379. Anna May Henry: Stormy Weather Collage Kit
  380. Patrick Lee Henderson: Irony is Over (After Lennon & Ono)
  381. Kevin Hegge: My First Gay Flag (for the Ladies)
  382. Anitra Hamilton: Christmas Kills
  383. FASTWÜRMS: El Kabong (DonkeyWitch)
  384. Yuula Benivolski: New Ceremonies
  385. Lyndsey Cope: Popcorn, Marfa (exploding popcorn is the cause of the Marfa Mystery Lights)
  386. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Raku poo
  387. Annie Dunning: Last Year’s Christmas Trees, 2009
  388. Jules Francisco: 23 karat gold leafed cock
  389. Liz Knox: Gifts for the Gloomy
  390. Hannah Jickling: At home with Ellen Degenerate on the corner of Queen and Bathurst
  391. Christine Baigent: Feeling great about myself
  392. Shawn Kuruneru: See you in the morning
  393. Shawn Kuruneru: DW.LS
  394. David Horovitz: Untitled (from the the Lizard’s Point)
  395. Untitled (Punk Island) - Foerster, Ryan
  396. Lyndsey Cope: Sandy T-shirt
  397. Miyo Takeda: 20 sided pizza
  398. Jason McLean: Q-Tip Del Service
  399. Hockey Whistle - O’Regan, John
  400. John Marriott: Let me get this straight
  401. Eric Doeringer: “Raymond Pettibon“ Bootleg
  402. Mike Billington: Flag
  403. Mike Billington: Spray - Billington, Mike
  404. Robert Dayton: Y2K Compatible, Issue 2 - Dayton, Robert
  405. Janice Gurney: One Meditation - Gurney, Janice
  406. Kids on TV: Bring Back Gay, tank - Kids On TV,
  407. Anitra Hamilton: Olympic Rings (coffee) - Hamilton, Anitra
  408. Nehal El-Hadi: city/heart
  409. Filiz Klassen: Snow, Rain, Light, Wind: Weathering Architecture
  410. Sebastian Butt: Cheetohs - Butt, Sebastian
  411. Darrin MacAdam and Jason McLean: XinCun - Birdhead,
  412. We Will Shoot You - Birdhead,
  413. Robin Cameron and Denise Schatz: Middle of the Road
  414. Ryan Foerster: Foerster 3 - Foerster, Ryan
  415. Ryan Foerster: Waterproof Sandpaper Zine - Foerster, Ryan
  416. Ryan Foerster and Sean Orena: Porno Zine
  417. Ryan Foerster: Photographs of Stockholm - Foerster, Ryan
  418. No Milk Today. Volume 01, issue 01
  419. Bird - McLean, Jason
  420. Jason McLean: Prince Charles (t-shirt) - McLean, Jason
  421. Peter Dudar: duchamp SLASH riefenstahl
  422. Yuula Benivolski: Jewish Rock Band Tee
  423. Drue Langlois: Ice Queal
  424. Sebastian Butt: The Acorn & The Worm (special edition) - Butt, Sebastian
  425. Steve Kado, Amy Lam, and Jon McCurley: My Topics
  426. Shawn Kuruneru: Upside down Girl
  427. Pinups, issue 8
  428. James Carl: Thing’s End
  429. Robin Cameron: The Mind Full
  430. Rob Labossiere: Risky Business
  431. Chantal Tardiff: Aluminum Cracker Packages
  432. Craig Leonard: Obsolete Concept (second edition)
  433. Victoria Cheung: Asterisks
  434. Christopher Schulz: Pinups, issue 7
  435. Asher Penn: Before & After
  436. Asher Penn: All the Shits
  437. Asher Penn: The Philadelphia Drawings
  438. Asher Penn: Face Paintings
  439. Cheryl Sourkes: Home Cams
  440. Fuck Death Foundation: Forever Name Badge
  441. Whispers of Soft Refusal
  442. Christopher Schulz: Pinups, issue 6
  443. Annie Dunning: Air Time (DVD)
  444. Robert Hengeveld: Cup
  445. Shawn Kuruneru: Let Us Sing Etc! (new version)
  446. Shawn Kuruneru: Twenty-Three
  447. Tanya Mars: Everything is Possible, Nothing is Easy
  448. FASTWÜRMS postcard
  449. Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals Hard Hat
  450. TradeMarc [Marc Larre]: NEW YORK CITY SOUVENIR
  451. Ryan Foerster: Foerster 4 1/2
  452. Ryan Foerster: Foerster 4, Rats in the Hallway
  453. Johan Lundh: Conversation Piece
  454. Peter Gazendam: Touch of Evil (Black Peter)
  455. Laura Belem: Untitled Love Story
  456. Shawn Kuruneru: Let Us Sing Etc!
  457. Shannon Partridge: Bananas
  458. Emily Hogg: Habitat Restoration
  459. Christine Baigent: im a big boy now bucket
  460. Christine Baigent: im a big boy now
  461. Katie Bethune-Leamen: mushrooms: zombies of forest, fen & field
  462. Jason McLean: Father Zosimo Presents
  463. Jason McLean: you are so far away
  464. Jason McLean: sale price items vancouver can.
  465. Annie Dunning: The Pigeon Homing Project Poster
  466. Karen Kraven: Building
  467. Jon Sasaki: Sorry, no one gets their wish
  468. Untitled
  469. Kika Thorne: Pentagon Report comes with Black Light
  470. Robin Kahn: The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Art
  471. Catherine Heard: Jouissance
  472. Catherine Heard: Wisdom
  473. Andrew McLaren: APPROX. DCLXVI
  474. Adam Frelin: Trees Hit By Cars
  475. Will Munro: Pharoh Daddy
  476. Shawn Kuruneru: Pin-Ups
  477. Mitch Robertson: S + P 100, 26 piece set
  478. Mitch Robertson: S + P 100, one pair
  479. Daryl Vocat: Wolf Head button
  480. Ryan Foerster: Some Untitled photographs from July and August 2007.
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