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Today Is A Very Long Day + Is It Tomorrow Yet? (set)

Julia Martin
self published
Artists' Books
12.7 × 20.4 cm

“Today Is A Very Long Day” begins with the title page and table of contents from a children’s book. The associations of the happily-ever-after genre set a guileless tone, while the manipulation of the table of contents implies something insidious and dark. Text from a daycare observation record prepares the viewer for the later shift to psychological case study. Slight changes in narrative repetition mark a steady deterioration of in all aspects of life.

“Is it Tomorrow Yet?” Directly follows in timeline. The children’s book is largely abandoned for the psychological case study, only briefly surfacing to rend the previous connotations. If “Today is a Very Long Day” is a portrait of trauma, “Is It Tomorrow Yet” is the aftermath, the shell shock.

  1. Today Is A Very Long Day + Is It Tomorrow Yet? (set)

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