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Ensembles Assembled: In Full Color

Katrin Koffman
Artists' Books

Dutch photographer Katrin Korfmann could never make her monumental aerial photographs without being suspended in a crane above each tightly curated location she selects. The locations are determined by her need to record a sea
of humanity congregated in one spot such as Fool s Day festival in Ibi, Spain, where the community throws flour and eggs and shoots fire extinguishers at each other. Fluorescent colors are added over the writhing content, creating a psychedelic surface that at first glance seems decorative, but at closer inspection, comes alive with human bodies. The works are a fluid mix between social realism and euphoric abstraction. The hybrid artist book/ exhibition catalogue is designed as one long Japanese fold-out inviting close examination while still representing the complete series.

  1. Ensembles Assembled: In Full Color

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