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  1. Copy This Book: An Artist’s Guide to Copyright
  2. Grete Neseblod: The True Meaning of S.M.H.
  3. Femke de Vries: Fashioning Value – Undressing Ornament
  4. Helmut Smits: Ideas and Thoughts
  5. Movements and Centres
  6. Katrin Koffman: Ensembles Assembled: In Full Color
  7. Erwin Wurm: Onomatopee 37: Laughing Prohibited!
  8. Mark Cullen and Gavin Murphy: Artist-Run Europe
  9. Nataša Bodrožic and Irena Boric: Politics of Feelings/Economies of Love
  10. Francisco Laranjo : Modes of Criticism 3 Design and Democracy
  11. Francesco Spampinato: Can You Hear Me? Music Labels by Visual Artists
  12. Can You Feel It? Effectuating Tactility and Print in the Contemporary
  13. Anna Bak: Wilderness Survival
  14. Helen Cho: 21 Objects for Hesitation and Reimagining their Many Selves
  15. The Best American Book of the 20th Century
  16. How to Act?
  17. Helmut Smits: Ideas and Thoughts
  18. Post-Digital Print: The Mutation of Publishing Since 1894
  19. Who told you so?! The collective story vs. the individual narrative
  20. Post-Digital Print: The Mutation of Publishing Since 1894
  21. Aam Solleveld: Onomatopee 030.1 A Task for Poetry #1: Be my guest, I prefer to keep the door closed