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Wilderness Survival: A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism

Anna Bak
Artists' Books
14 × 20.4 × 1 cm
144 pp
Contemporary Art, Text-Based Practice

Wilderness Survival is a basic guide for life in the wilderness and survivalism as a phenomenon. Wilderness can be seen as a physical space as well as a mental state. It is a theoretical, practical and philosophical understanding of the survivalist lifestyle.

A guide to surviving either real or speculative dangers, survivalism as a poetic, contemporary, historic, social or creative lifestyle choice. This book gives you an insight to some of the main problems and challenges you may face in the wilderness, and provides basic tools to handle these situations.

In addition to the guidebook it includes 4 essays, short-stories and artists’ texts which put in perspective and visualize survivalism, and determine if and how you can prepare yourself for your future survival.

With contributions by: Anna Bak, Joris Lindhout, Niels Henriksen, Francois Dey, Pádraic E. Moore

Graphic design: Marie Grønkær

Edition of 750

Soft-cover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour.

ISBN 9789491677427

  1. Wilderness Survival

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