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Cabin Time: Wilderness

Artists' Books
5 × 7 inches
56 pages

2-color risograph interiors on 70#t French Paper Co. Pop-tone Whip Cream, letterpress covers on 65#c French Paper Co. Glo-Tone Green Light paper; perfect bound.

Cabin-Time is a semiannual artist residency that takes a group of artists to remote places to camp, become best friends, and produce work for a group exhibition. This publication documents the work created at the Winter 2013 trip to Wilderness State Park at the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. This publication was created for a group exhibition that opened March 22, 2103 at Craft House in Grand Rapids.

Participants in Cabin Time: Wilderness include: Carson Davis Brown, Sarah Burwash, Kristen Degree, Todd Freeman, Ryan Greaves, Ali Reid, Geoffrey Holstad, Mary Rothlisberger, Zach See, Nick Stockton, Martyna Szczensa.

Edition of 200.

  1. Cabin Time: Wilderness

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