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  1. Maïder Fortuné, Annie MacDonell, Crystal Mowry, Kimberly Phillips, Clara Schulmann, Leila Timmins, and Yan Wu: The Beyond Within
  2. Fortner Anderson, Fabrizio Gilardino, and Ellie de Lacy: 100 Loglines
  3. Andrew James Paterson: Never Enough Night
  4. Marie José Burki: Sans Attribut
  5. Anne-Marie Duguet, Jérôme Neutres, and Bill Viola: Bill Viola
  6. Wayne Baerwaldt, George Bures Miller, and Janet Cardiff: The Paradise Institute
  7. Lesley Johnstone, Bernard Lamarche, and Lynne Marsh: Lynne Marsh
  8. Dan Cameron and William Kentridge: William Kentridge
  9. Double-Cross: The Hollywood Films of Douglas Gordon
  10. Philip Monk, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak, and Dot Tuer: 4 Hours and 38 Minutes
  11. Kon Trubkovich:Leap Second
  12. Douglas Gordon
  13. Irene Bindi, Stephen Broomer, and Rhayne Vermette: Exovede in the Darkroom: The Films of Rhayne Vermette
  14. Mark David Turner: Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget | On Inuit Cinema
  15. Hank Bull, Serge Guilbaut, Joni Low, and Pan Wendt: Hank Bull: Connexion
  16. Melissa General, Lisa Myers, and Erin Sutherland: Melissa General
  17. Caecilia Tripp: Going Space & Other Worlding
  18. Hollis Frampton and Rachel Moore: Hollis Frampton: (nostalgia)
  19. Peter Fischli, Jeremy Millar, and David Weiss: Fischli and Weiss: The Way Things Go
  20. Pierre Huyghe and Mark Lewis: Pierre Huyghe: Untitled (Human Mask)
  21. Mark Leckey and Mitch Speed: Mark Leckey: Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
  22. Kodwo Eshun and Dan Graham: Dan Graham: Rock My Religion
  23. Paulette Phillips: The Secret Life of Criminals, Clues and Curiosities
  24. Colin Campbell, Jon Davies, John Greyson, and Francine Périnet: People Like Us: The Gossip of Colin Campbell
  25. Fig Trees: John Greyson and David Wall
  26. Colin Campbell and Jon Davies: More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings
  27. Barbara London: Video/Art
  28. Bill Viola - The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  29. Stan Douglas: The Secret Agent | Collector’s Edition
  30. Dirty Looks Volume 4
  31. Sculpting Cinema
  32. Casey Wei: Ecstatic Essays No. 03: Ozu’s Seasons
  33. Bugs - VHS
  34. Mark Lewis: Inventio
  35. Manuel Saiz: 24 24 Hour Psycho Sequels
  36. Kevin Schmidt: EDM House
  37. Jaap Pieters and John Porter: 8 Affinities
  38. Main Character’s Costume from Life of a Craphead’s Film “Bugs” (2015) with Drugs in it, with Contract (2013)
  39. Romauld Kutera
  40. Selected Works by the Loop Collective
  41. Istvan Kantor: Media Revolt
  42. David Campany: Rich and Strange
  43. Marcia Crosby, Sara Diamond, Stan Douglas, Maria Insell, Robert Linsley, Robin Peck, Nancy Shaw, Keith Wallace, Scott Watson, Carol Williams, and William Wood: Vancouver Anthology
  44. Francisco López: Köllt/Kulu
  45. Manuela Buechting: Was once upon a time
  46. Dara Birnbaum and T.J. Demos: Dara Birnbaum: Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman
  47. Video Re/View: The (best) Source for Critical Writings on Canadian Artist’s Video
  48. Tom Sherman: Activating the Archive 1: From a Resevoir of Predictions
  49. Colin Campbell and Bruce ed. Ferguson: Activating the Archive 2: Otherwise Worldly
  50. Morgen Mills and Mark David Turner: Labrador Cinema
  51. Tasman Richardson: Objects In Mirror
  52. Neïl Beloufa and Benjamin Thorel: Neïl Beloufa: People Love War Data & Travels
  53. Landscape of Moving Images
  54. Rodney Graham and  Shepherd Steiner: Rodney Graham: Phonokinetoscope
  55. Sabeth Buchmann, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Neville D’Almeida, and Hélio Oiticica: Hélio Oiticica and Neville D’Almeida: Block-Experiments in Cosmococa—Program in Progress
  56. Peter Gidal and Andy Warhol: Andy Warhol: Blow Job
  57. Xi Bei and Hou Hanru: The D-Tale
  58. Deirdre Logue: Beyond Her Usual Limits
  59. Gareth Long: Second, Third, Fourth
  60. Benjamin de Burca, Emelie Chhangur, André Lepecki, Hélio Menezes, Evan Moffit, and Bárbara Wagner: The Films of Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca
  61. Mark Leckey and Mitch Speed: Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
  62. William E. Jones: Tearoom
  63. Lex Brown: Consciousness
  64. Video by Artists
  65. Dirty Looks Volume 3
  66. David Bradford, Casey Wei, and Fan Wu: Ecstatic Essays 1-3 (set)
  67. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT: set of 3
  68. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT
  69. Erin Christovale and Amir George: Black Radical Imagination
  70. Nocturnal Fabulations
  71. Pipilotti Rist: Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain
  72. Daniel Young and Christian Giroux: Infrastructure Canada
  73. Hamlet, mise-en-scène
  74. Felix Salut: Shut Up I’m Counting!
  75. Nicole Brenez: “We Support Everything since the Dawn of Time That Has Struggled and Still Struggles”:  Introduction to Lettrist Cinema
  76. Brice Marden: Notebook Feb. 1968-
  77. Brice Marden: Notebook Sept. 1964-Sept. 1967
  78. Aesthetics of the Flesh
  79. Michel Auder: Stories, Myths, Ironies, and Other Songs: Conceived, Directed, Edited, and Produced by M. Auder
  80. Aftershow
  81. Christian Jankowski: Casting Jesus
  82. Niels Van Tomme: Visibility Machines
  83. Parachute: The Anthology, Vol. III
  84. Sophie Berrebi: The Shape of Evidence
  85. Hito Steyerl: Too Much World
  86. Jacob Korczynski: I See/La Camera: I
  87. Robert Slifkin: Bruce Nauman: Going Solo