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The Secret Agent | Collector's Edition

Stan Douglas
Ludion Publishers
Photography, Film/Video

A rare limited and numbered edition of Stan Douglas’s The Secret Agent, published in October 2015. The book contains the original script of the film and an extensive collection of stills and production images. The Secret Agent transposes a story written by Joseph Conrad in 1907 into Portugal’s Seventies, a period of radical political changes that led to the liberation of the country’s former colonies. Douglas has retained the original characters and the plot, but transferred them to the turmoil of Lisbon soon after the Carnation Revolution in 1974. The book also comprises two other works by the Canadian artist, Disco Angola and Luanda–Kinshasa.

The special edition of The Secret Agent consists of a white hardbound book and a colophon page, signed and numbered by the artist (1/100 – 100/100). Taking the fictitious role of a crime photographer, Douglas has created two selenium-toned silver gelatin prints, also included in this unique boxed edition.

Two silver gelatin prints + book.

Edition of 100.


Two signed & numbered silver gelatin prints in slip lid box.

Exhibition publication from Ludion, 2015.
Contributors: Séamus Kealy, Dirk Snauwaert, Jason E. Smith.
190 pages, 21.5 × 26.5 cm.
Hardcover in decorative box.

  1. Stan Douglas Secret Agent

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