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Photo Edition

John Baldessari, Cindy Bernard, and James Welling
Art Metropole

A set of three photographs, produced in an edition of 30 sets plus 3 artist’s proofs; all photographs are signed and numbered and packaged in a black portfolio.

Published by Art Metropole as a fundraising project.

John Baldessari’s “Blue Arm” was photographed from television. The black spots are water stains on the undeveloped FujiChrome. Cindy Bernard’s “Space, Climate, Light” is a performance collaboration with Gabie Strong, Ron Russel and David Patton, MAK Centre for Art and Architecture, L.A. at the Schindler House, February 16, 2000; performance stills by Josh White. James Welling’s “Garden” is a photograph made by exposing three pieces of black and white film in sequence through red, green, and blue Kodak colour separation filters. The black and white negatives were scanned and copied into the appropriate channels of photoshop to create a colour document and the final print was made on an Epson 9000 printer on Hahnemuhle paper.

  1. baldessari
  2. Bernard
  3. welling

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