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Circle Jerk 2009

Bruce LaBruce
Circle Jerk
48 × 33 cm

As the name implies Circle Jerk is an ad hoc group of queer artists lending each other a hand.

For “Circle Jerk 2009,” each artist contributed a poster for a total of 16. There is no specific curatorial premise; nonetheless the works connect with a shared attitude. Originally, the posters were clandestinely distributed on the streets. The posters found audiences by chance, provoking questions or reactions, with no didactic component to the street campaign.

Participating artists include Andy Fabo, Brendan Fernandes, Bruce LaBruce, John Greyson, Daryl Vocat, Glenn Ligon, Stephen Andrews, Luis Jacob, David Altmejd, Chris Curreri, John McLachlin, Micah Lexier, Peter Kingstone, Will Munro, Ed Pien, and David Grenier.

Edition of 50, signed and numbered in custom folio has SOLD OUT. Several copies signed by each artist and numbered “AP” remain available.

Poster by Ed Pien shown.

  1. Circle Jerk 2009

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