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Ray Johnson on Flop Art: Fragments of Conversations with Ray Johnson 1988 - 1994

Clive Phillpot
Fermley Press
Artists' Books
10.5 × 17 × 0.5 cm

Ray Johnson [1927-1995] was a seminal Pop art figure. He was a performance and conceptual artist and is also considered the founder of Mail Art.

Clive Phillpot is a writer and curator, and former Director of the Library at MoMA in New York. A lifelong correspondent with Ray Johnson, he has written on the artist extensively, most recently the text ‘Ray Johnson and Nothing’ in Voids: A Retrospective [ed. John Armleder et al] (JRP/Ringier, 2009) and To and From Ray, accompanying the exhibition ‘Ray Johnson. Please Add To & Return’ (Raven Row, 2009)

  1. Ray Johnson on Flop Art: Fragments of Conversations with Ray Joh

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