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FASS-GUT: set of 3

Jessica Baldanza
Furrawn Press
Flip-book, Film

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s contribution to the collaborative feature “Deutschland im Herbst” (1977/8) is a short film in which he essentially plays himself: a left-wing paranoiac agonizing over the prospect of a totalitarian regime, more consumed with the image of dissent than its material affect.
The director is seen in various states of undress, terrorizing the bleak domestic realm he shares with his more nationalistic partner Armin.

FASS-GUT is a series of 3 flip-books composed of close-cropped screenshots from three scenes in which the exhibitionist Fassbinder has most prominently featured his bare, undulating gut.

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour with metal grommets and chain
Numbered edition of 15 sets

  1. fass-gut

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