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Rich and Strange

David Campany
Chopped Liver Press
Artists' Books
16.2 × 22 × 1 cm

As the image world becomes electronic, paper photographs from the past drift about in search of new homes. Earlier this year the writer and artist David Campany chanced upon a press photograph in a flea market. It was taken in 1931 on the outdoor set of a film shoot. The director was Alfred Hitchcock. The film was Rich and Strange. Campany turns the photograph into a book of the same name.Hitchcock was the master of suspense but photographs suspend in a very different way. The show but they don’t tell. They describe but they don’t explain. They are factual enigmas. Zooming in, the book picks out the seemingly endless details: African shacks, rickshaws, lily white movie stars from Europe, a nervous producer, a cameraman, scattered props. All in a field in Elstree, North London.Rich and Strange is a homage to the materiality of photographs, to filmmaking, to abandoned archives and to the photographer who shot this image but whose name is lost.

  1. Rich and Strange

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