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Dora Fobert (second edition)

Dora Fobert
Chopped Liver Press
Artists' Books
28.9 × 38 × 0.5 cm

This is the first publication to be produced exclusively by Chopped Liver Press, now in its second edition. It contains the work of Dora Fobert who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1940–42. She assisted Jakub Boim, official ghetto photographer and began her own series of portraits of women in the Warsaw Ghetto shortly before being deported to Treblinka, August 1942. These photographs were saved by Adela K, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto. They were taken in a studio in the ghetto on Chlodna Street in June 1942. Because of the limited supply of photographic chemicals, they were never properly fixed and remain unstable under natural light. Broomberg and Chanarin presented this works for the first time at Alias Photo Month in Krakow, 2011. These works are now included in major collections including the Saatchi collection, London.

  1. Dora Fobert (second edition)

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