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Work, Life, Balance

Matt Nish-Lapidus
Artists' Books

Work, Life, Balance is a procedural poem. Lines of text fill out a poetic array and are combinatorially processed through a simple script. A hammer is repurposed in over three thousand ways, exploring what it means to make and destroy through the logic of computational loops and iterations.

A hammer for …
made out of …
wielded by …
for smashing …
for building …

For each of these beginnings there are five endings, except the first for which there are six. The book contains every possible combination of these variations over 880 pages.


A hammer for the poor and the needy,
and for the rich and the poor,
and for those who want to be rich and free

made out of a bunch of things
that he’s probably never seen before

wielded by the first-place team

for smashing a wall or building up an army

for building the new world map of the game.


  1. Work, Life, Balance

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