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Casting Jesus

Christian Jankowski
Edition Taube
Artists' Books
Photography, Special Edition, Film

Christian Jankowski’s first artist book by Edition Taube based on his 2011 film “Casting Jesus”.

A 3-member jury composed of representatives of the Vatican selects the perfect Jesus Actor from 13 professional actors, in a talent show.

The renowned jury is composed by the Vatican priest Monseñor José Manuel del Rio Carrasco, the art critic of the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano ‘Sandro Barbagallo, and the journalist and director of the Commission for Film Classification of the Italian Episcopal Conference Massimo Giraldi.

Among their critical eyes, the contestants try to complete various tasks, such as to break bread, to perform a miracle, to carry the cross, or even dramatic presentations of famous Jesus quotes.

The performance featured a live video stream, with a separate audience of 300 spectators watching the casting.

The book contains numerous color illustrations, a sermon by Karl Eugen Fischer, as well as texts by John Beeson and Dirk Rustemeyer. This special edition also includes a signed print by Jankowski.

Edition of 20.

  1. casting jesus
  2. casting jesus
  3. casting jesus

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