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New Babylon

Michael Dopp
Golden Spike Press
Artists' Books
15.9 × 20.3 × 1.5 cm
200 pp
Contemporary Art

New Babylon, an exhibition organized by Michael Dopp brings together fourteen artists based on an underlying sensibility exploring the collaborative aggregate as a symbolic social space with moveable articulations. New Babylon takes its form as a freestanding structure designed by architect Joakim Dahlqvist, with the artworks on view – sculpture, painting, ceramic, and photography – functioning as both autonomous objects and site-specific installations within the building’s apparatus. As a gallery turned out from within itself, _New Babylo_n is as much a structure of wood as it is space. Its seemingly unfinished state – a framework of 2×4’s with open walls and ceilings – allows for an uninterrupted process, or wandering, through the site. In this arrangement, space is both paradoxically delineated and unlimited.

This publication accompanies the exhibition New Babylon, organized by Michael Dopp, at Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, California, 2015.

Contributors: Edgar Bryan, Joakim Dahlqvist, Michael Dopp, Nick Fisher, Sara Gernsbacher, Marcus Herse, Whitney Hubbs ,Shoshi Kanokohata, Nevine Mahmoud. Thomas McDonell, Isaac Resnikoff, Philippe de Sablet, Estelle Srivijittakar, Bobbi Woods

With an essay by Camille Weiner

Softcover, perfect-bound, black and white

Published by Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, California

Printed by Golden Spike Press, Los Angeles, California

  1. New Babylon

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