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  1. Davida Nemeroff: Muscles
  2. Michael Dopp: New Babylon
  3. Flag Over Valencia
  4. Leslie Dick: Voluptuous Panic, Digital Whirlpool
  5. Steve Kado: Brian
  6. Claire Nereim: Tic Toc
  7. Emily Shanahan: The Tick vs. The Hum
  8. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Los Angeles Photo Book
  9. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Shopping
  10. Sara Gernsbacher: Trance at Night
  11. Ian James: Industrial Color/Light Test
  12. Jennifer West: Spirals of Time
  13. Amazon Solitaire

by Akina Cox
  14. Benjamin Tong: The Parrot Lecture
  15. Steve Kado: Six of One Half a Dozen of the Other
  16. Joe Zorrilla: Anticipating High Tide
  17. Michael Ned Holte: Proper Names
  18. Michael Dopp
  19. Mickey Lee Everett: Trees
  20. Travis Diehl: Spiralogues
  21. Davida Nemeroff: Villa Horsa
  22. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Roses
  23. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Mountain
  24. Travis Diehl: Spiralogues
  25. Joni Noe: Supermarket Flowers
  26. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Stanford Stables
  27. Jason Roberts Dobrin: UNTITLED 002