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Cracked Bells & Washed Out Horns

Daniel Olson
self published
11 × 7 × 1.8 cm

“The sound pieces on this cassette are made using simple home equipment namely, a Macintosh Classic II computer with Hypercard and SoudEdit software, and a Foster X-18 four track cassette recorder. The instruments used are mostly toys found in junk shops, mechanical rather than electronic (with one exception), although there are also metal pipes, saw blades, lamp shades, homemade instruments and even a real accordion. The method of composition consists of deciding on a duration and an ensemble of instruments, then improvising four tracks in succession without listening to what has been played before. Each track is slowed by the computer to about one third of its original speed and pitch, before being transferred to cassette. The results, though musically dubious at time, usually manage to be funny, sad and beautiful.”

Side A:
1. Thumbrolley
2. Horn Section
3. Bring Along
4. Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn
5. Born to Lose You
6. Double Trouble
7. La Parole Souffle
8. My First Saxophone Quartete
9. Percussion Discussion (Concussion)
10. Free Reed
11. Idiot Wind Section

Side B:
1. Message
2. Slow Ride
3. All Thumbs
4. Dion Rocca
5. The Wind in the Reeds
6. Howl
7. Furniture Music
8. Dischord
9. Unstrung Hero

  1. Cracked Bells & Washed Out Horns

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