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My Topics

Jon McCurley, Steve Kado, and Amy Lam
self published
Artists' Books
12.2 × 19.2 × 2 cm

My Topics Books are sets of books published every couple of years. This time: “Extraterrestrial Communication” by Amy Lam, “Movies” by Jon McCurley and “American Decision Making” by Steve Kado. Each book has a letterpressed and foil-stamped cover with B&W insides. Some books have color fold-outs and postcards. Other books are drawings. Some other books are essays and computer programs. Sample of Amy’s, Sample of Jon’s.

About the authors: Steve makes records and performance as “The Blankket” and right now lives in LA. Jon and Amy together are “Life of a Craphead,” a conceptual comedy duo. Jon curates theatre nights in abandoned nunneries and automotive factory buildings and wrote a play called “Double Double Land Land” that was performed in Toronto in January 09. Amy is the publisher.

Edition of 100.

  1. My Topics

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