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In summer 2014, Modern Fuel introduced the first in a series of artist projects and guest-edited issues of Syphon, Steve Lyons’ Speculative Collaborations, PUB-01.

“It was recently discovered that between the years 1957 and 1978 a small group of cultural producers active in North America and Europe were solicited to design a purpose-built hypnosis pavilion at an undisclosed laboratory for the CIA- sponsored Project MK-ULTRA. The possible uses for and actual production of this pavilion remain uncertain. A multi-stage research project initiated in 2012, Speculative Collaborations assesses evidence related to this revelation, uncovering a disturbing alliance between some of the most prominent anti-establishment voices of the Cold War era and the state institutions they publicly disavowed.”

Steve Lyons is an artist and researcher based in Montreal.

  1. Speculative Collaborations

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