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flip Issue 1: Ancient Erotic

flip projects
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14 × 21 cm

This publication is a counterpart to the flip project-space based in Naples, Italy. ‘flip’ is a venue for contemporary discussions; a platform to expand on various interests in relation to current culture and artistic practice. The projects that take place there are the result of an international network and multidisciplinary collaborations. However, ‘flip’ is a project in itself, not specific to a single site but rather an evolving network of activity and locales. These continuous shifts in context invite new inputs and spontaneous occurrences that contribute to the multi-layered and transnational discourse that characterizes flip.

The print aspect of flip further enhances the collaborations that are undertaken between an open collective of artists, writers and critics.

The Ancient Erotic issue of flip was produced on the occasion of Matthew Gregory and Simon Davenport’s March 2011 exhibition of the same name at the flip project space in Naples, Italy. Includes text by Matthew Gregory.

  1. flip Issue 1: Ancient Erotic

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