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Flip Issue 5: How to Make a Delicious Tea (Toronto)

flip projects
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13 × 18 cm

‘How to make a delicious tea’ is an ongoing and accumulative project that considers artistic production as a multi-layered process.

The project is the re-representation of an existing work transformed through reprint and thereby creating a shift in materiality. Silk is the support; it refers to changes in material perceptions and alludes to notions of hierarchy.

how to make a delicious tea expands through additional artist collaborations.

Includes: Eloise Hawser, Martin Soto Climent, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Per-Oskar Leu, Lena Henke, Andrea Sala with texts by Rosemary Heather and Denise Ryner

  1. Flip Issue 5: How to Make a Delicious Tea (Toronto)

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