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Tabs Presents: A Curated Cultural History of the Tower Automotive Building

Eda Ataergin, Brittany Cox, Hayley Raymond, Freya Selander, and Jenneen Shortreed
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Tower Automotive Building Society (TABS) is comprised five Humber students: Eda Ataergin, Brittany Cox, Hayley Raymond, Freya Selander, and Jenneen Shortreed. These students have tirelessly researched the history of the Tower Automotive Building and collected its histories from archives, photographic documentation, personal interactions with the building, and architectural floor plans. With the aim to tell the story of one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings, the TABS students have extensively focused their efforts on interviewing local artists and residences of Toronto to produce a well curated collection of stories of the Tower Automotive Building for its 100th anniversary.

  1. Tabs Presents: A Curated Cultural History of the Tower Automotiv

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