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Anne Neukamp
Artists' Books
29 × 40.5 cm
36 pages

Afloat, by Anne Neukamp, is the result of a year long collaboration between the artist and towards. The publication can be viewed as a continuation of Neukamp’s exploration of strategies to destabilize the image. Through processes of sampling, translation, fragmentation, and transferal, Neukamp mines contemporary visual culture to create a project that hovers “back and forth between material content and spatial imagination.” (1)
The publication includes eighteen unique compositions alongside an original essay by Birgit Effinger. Initially taking the form of a collated booklet, the viewer can flip through the publication much as he or she might read a traditional newspaper. However, when the viewer unfolds the publication completely, the spreads reveal themselves as large format posters which can be viewed as discrete objects.

1. Effinger, Birgit. “tl;dr.” Valentin, Paris, 2014

Newsprint, broadsheet, black & white.
Edition of 2000.

  1. afloat

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