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Ornamental Stick

Bill Burns
Artists' Books
63 × 2 × 2 cm

Bill Burn’s Art World Celebrities is a project that dates from 1993 to the present. It includes a series of multiples of baseball caps (1993-2001), work gloves (2002-present), logs and sticks (2010) with the names of international art critics, dealers, collectors and curators either embroidered on or carved into them.

Burns’ ‘Ornamental Sticks’ are a series of small, sticks, featuring the carved-in names of curators and authors that are recognizable from the international art world.

Each piece is made from found sticks from various types of trees. Each name is produced in an edition of five small sticks and five large sticks.

Names currently available at Art Metropole include: Daniel Birnbaum, Eli Broad, Larry Gagosian, Maria Lind, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Anne Pasternak

  1. Ornamental Stick

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