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Shawarma Chameleon

Matthew Thurber
Random Man Editions
Artists' Books
22.7 × 22.7 × 0.2 cm
24 pp

Why do some street corners have garbage cans while others…do not? What if movies were triangles? “Shawarma Chameleon” is here to answer these questions. Matthew Thurber’s first art monograph was drawn on a magic pad that yielded only good drawings, discovered in Brian Belott’s calculator factory. Little dials monitoring Fussiness, Spazz, and Narrative levels go up and down on this journey through Shawarma sponsored by the Warren Commission. Watch as the artist makes certain discoveries in his navel that are are still shocking to this day, especially to those who think a Steig is a cross between a stick and a twig.

Tapirs gallop over Angel Falls to be transferred into convoluted light. The shamisen causes Blerf men to erupt from neglected topiary, while Walt Disney unveils ‘Ourobourosland’, a tribute to the Mayan temple builders who preceded him. While you still have eyes to see radioactive color, enjoy Shawarma Chameleon, the only art book you can leave on the tractor guy’s seat or give to your Princeton mitten analyst with no qualms or necessity to save the receipt.

Shawarma Chameleon is a mini-monograph / dream diary by veteran cartoonist Matthew Thurber. This is his first book of drawings.

24 pages of full-colour illustrations.

Softcover, staple-bound, colour

  1. Shawarma Chameleon

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