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Lines Breaking: An Underline Paper

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The third in our series of newspapers focuses on the Central American migrant crisis. This edition gathers creatives responses from across the Latin American community, presenting ways artists and thinkers are engaging with this ongoing humanitarian crisis. This is an invitation for you to listen, to look, to see.

Elizabeth Brandt
Alejandro Cartagena
Dichos de un Bicho
Froylán Enciso
José B. González
Alma Guillermoprieto
David Hernández
Valeria Luiselli
Oscar Martínez
Anne McLean
Osvaldo Ramírez Castillo
Miguel Tapia Alcaraz
Javier Zamora

All proceeds collected from this project will be donated to Hermanos en el Camino

  1. Lines Breaking (3)
  2. Lines Breaking (2)
  3. Lines Breaking

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