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Infinity Nets

Rita Kamacho
self published
Artists' Books
14.2 × 21.6 cm

“These series of site-specific interventions were created during an artist residency in Trisc, a little village in Serbia. In this small town Vuk Stefanovi Karad was born, one of the leading European philologists of his time. He reformed the Serbian literary language and standardized the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet.

With these cranberry shape forms I intend to convey two meanings: one is the representation of the characters, dots and lines, that take form in the letters and numbers of the alphabet, considering the line as a dot in movement. The other idea is the observation of the shared common ground between art and science; both disciplines differentiate and categorize events in a series of similarities. The act of ordering and sorting these fruits is a metaphor of innovation that is required in both art and science to understand the universe.”

- the artist

Edition of 100.

  1. Infinity Nets

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