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Function Magazine 15

Parker Kay
Artists' Books
20 × 20 × 0.5 cm

FUNCTION magazine is a student run editorial in it’s 15th year of production. In breaking away from the confines of a solely printed magazine we are embracing numerous platforms to promote the vast array of multimedia work being produced by the School of Image Arts. We are subsequently looking to take these works and create a dialogue with the outside world of contemporary art.

The main page of Function-15 features the Function Gallery, a digital gallery that features one work per week before it is replaced by another.

Interviews with:

Brad Troemel

Max Dean & Gord Peteran

Lili Huston-Herterich & Lucas Soi

Laurie Kang & Jason Gowans

Heather Corcoran

Tara Downs

Portfolios by:

Beau Gomez

Connor Crawford

Jes Cervoni

Justin Somjen

Alex Flint

Includes a small package of printed cell-phone photographs curated by Andrea Leigh Pelletier. Artists include:

Jeffrey Chiu

Rosemary George Flutur

Daniel Morales

Connor Olthuis

Paige Sabourin

Adnrew Savery-Whiteway

Kristina Smith

Justin Somjen

Erin Whittier

Rebecca Zynomirski

  1. Function Magazine 15

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