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Too Much Too Little Too Late, Polaroids 2002-2007

Scott Hug
John Connelly Presents
Artists' Books
34 × 46.5 cm

Published to coincide with Hug’s 2007 exhibition “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late”, this artist’s book juxtaposes Polaroid photographs with found magazine imagery to explore issues of fame, beauty, and the dissemination of information. Hug excavates magazine covers and ads, from fashion mags to Time and The New Yorker, celebrity tabloids to Leatherneck and blueboy magazine, and overlays them with his own Polaroids of the hip New York art scene.

Celebrity, disaster, death, media spectacle—all kinds—in glossy oversized tabloid format.

Comes sealed in a glossy black box-board envelope. Edition of 1000.

  1. Too Much Too Little Too Late, Polaroids 2002-2007

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