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Of a Land

Dani Jakob
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22 × 27 × 0.5 cm

Two materials co-exist at the heart of Dani Jakob’s work: salt and silk. The artist paints and devises installations.

The vibrantly coloured, abstractly geometric silk paintings that look like an »abstract model of the cranium« contrast with the amorphous salt pictures created using the chemical process of salt crystalisation and that are reminiscent of aerial photographs of distand lands and coastlines.

She interlinks both of these opposites in spatially expansive floor paintings.

Her »geometrical gaze« places a landscape into a space, is derived from a lake of salt without perspective, an anti-space, a non-place, interlinks then, »draws lines, noting trajectories of movement«, rhythmatises them to the point of a symmetry and creates a utopian space.

»A land« that defies unequivocal decipherment.

  1. Of a Land

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