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Pact For Adventure

Daryl Vocat
self published
Artists' Books
Hardcover Folio
17.8 × 19.6 cm

“Pact For Adventure” is a limited edition folio made up of 12 loose screen prints in a hard cover folder. Graphically bold images of young boys loaded with dark humour, absurdities of youth scouting lore, and striped knee socks. The entire project is hand printed and assembled. The prints are two and three colour – primarily black with green, and some with red or pink. This is Daryl Vocat’s second self-published screenprint folio, the first is “A Boy’s Will,” also available at Art Metropole.

The hardcover folio is green, and foil stamped in gold, with a slight embossment. Printed on Magnani Velata 140 gram acid-free paper. Each print is 5.5 × 6.75 inches and sits in a 6.75 × 7.75 inch hard cover bound with Canson paper. Each folio is signed and numbered out of 100.

  1. Pact For Adventure

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