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Jewish Rock Band Tee

Yuula Benivolski
self published

White t-shirt with Jewish rock band names in Hebrew. This one of Nosei HaMigbaat. Includes a one page on the band written by Benivolski.

“I’ve never heard of Nosei HaMigbaat until we befriended this younger boy named Noam Rosenthal. He listened to really good music and smoked. We were 17, he was three years younger. Anyway one day Noam gives us this tape, it’s a mix tape of Israeli music from the late 80s. There was this one song on it called “Live in Beit Shemesh” and we’ve never heard anything like it before and listen to it over and over for days. Apparently it was by Nosei HaMigbaat which is this secret Israeli rock band that broke up in 1992…” – excerpt from the accompanying info text by the artist

  1. Jewish Rock Band Tee

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