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Inferno Tiles

Rosa Aiello
Rosa Aiello
Every Day Objects
“Featuring Art Deco-esque frescoes of shattered anagrams, these white-glaze tiles are an unimpeachable gift choice for creative types who crave that intersection between the contingency of the alphabet and the materiality of terracotta, and the spirit of the devil. Edition of 96.”

Ceramic tile, enamel – please specify which letter(s) you wish to purchase when placing your order.
Unsigned unnumbered edition.

Standard white-glazed terracotta tiles painted with single letters of the Roman alphabet in “Mediterranean style,” with a custom typeface based on the Art Nouveau style (specifically the “Arnold Bocklin” typeface) often fetishized in Southern Europe. The tiles may be used in combination, for example to brand, to signal, to decorate, or to channel under-worldly spirits. – Rosa Aiello

Every. Day. Objects. Catalog copy written by Lena Suksi + Fan Wu. Photos by Yuula Benivolski.

  1. Aiello - Inferno Tiles

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