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Litebloc 10

Erica Conly and Sean Procyk
Erica Conly & Sean Procyk
19 × 10 × 21.5 cm
Every Day Objects
“Form meets function meets raw musculature in this salt-fired porcelain dumbbell that comes with its own accoya wood nook. A versatile gift sure to delight that sweet spot where bodybuilder and aesthete touch. Edition of 2.”

Salt fired porcelain, accoya wood.
Unsigned, unnumbered edition of 2.

This hand thrown porcelain dumbbell is functional and ready for lifting. The wooden hand block is the perfect rest and adds to the lovely form and texture of this piece. A great gift for experienced muscle people and exercise dissenters alike. – Erica Conly & Sean Procyk

Every. Day. Objects. Catalog copy written by Lena Suksi + Fan Wu. Photos by Yuula Benivolski.

  1. Conly & Procyk - Litebloc 10
  2. Conly & Procyk - Litebloc 10

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