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ReBaie by Rebée
Ray-Ray Editions x ReBaie by Rebée
Jewellery, Collaboration

ReBaie by Rebée is feeling freshly squeezed about feet by the foot, a Juicy collab b*tween these girls and these other girls, namely Ray~Ray!
A full fruit bowl of colour options one-on-one ballchain or the full fruit salad! So, like, what’s this foot about? One thing we know for sure, her feet never touch the ground. With 15 selectable singles, get your glam colour choice chosen. Or you can have them all on one chain. It’s your choice.

acrylic, stainless steel
5 1⁄2 × 2 inches

Varied edition of 15.

Each piece comes with stainless steel ball chain, storage clutch, + signed edition card.

ReBaie by Rebée is an emerging fashion label by creative directors Cam Lee and Buzz. Buzz never salts her driveway before she tastes it. Cam lives under a rock and has the tan lines to prove it. ReBaie by Rebée is fashion about fashion, and is comprised entirely of exclusive prints and textiles, designed in house. ReBaie by Rebée and their designs gently whisper “I am Fun & Funky, I am a ‘Tween machine and I don’t care.’”

Ray~Ray is a collaborative project between Toronto-based artists Ella Dawn McGeough + Sarah Nasby that produces limited edition jewelry and jewelry-inspired works by contemporary artists. Ray~Ray was born when Ella and Sarah approached each other to collaborate on a jewelry-by-artists edition line. Realizing they had, more or less, the same idea they started talking and couldn’t stop. Ray~Ray brings together Ella + Sarah’s combined enthusiasm for—and varied experiences in—curation; public programming; publishing; exhibition design; writing; graphic design; artist multiples; and jewelry. Ray~Ray is an art project that surrounds projects.

  1. feet by the foot
  2. feet by the foot

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