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Supports for jewelry you already own - Necklace (Large)

Kelly Jazvac
28 × 14 × 3 cm

Supports for jewelry you already own by London, Ontario-based artist Kelly Jazvac are objects for displaying jewelry. Consider: a plain gold ring from an old family friend, a size too large; your favourite necklace that you’ve worn for years; a couple of earring singlets that have lost their pair but remain too dear to throw away. Jen Hutton writes that, “Jazvac’s Supports pull your cherished items into an active state off the body, and show them singly and appreciatively.”

Hand-crafted in layered combinations of ash, walnut and white oak, each of Jazvac’s Supports is a unique object within a limited edition run of 30. Kelly’s project started as a kind of experiment: what could she make that might trigger and hold viewers’ thinking towards personal ornaments they already own? She wanted to consider if there was space within the project to think about subjective value, post point-of-sale. A value that could be emotional, historical, even sentimental, rather than economic.

As RAY ~ RAY’s first edition, Kelly’s project offers a support, a stage, a foundation, and a diving board.

RAY~RAY is a collaborative project between Toronto-based artists Ella Dawn McGeough and Sarah Nasby that produces limited edition jewelry and jewelry-like works by contemporary artists. Each project includes the work of a commissioned writer. RAY~RAY was born when Ella and Sarah approached each other to collaborate on a jewelry-by-artists edition line. Realizing they had, more or less, the same idea they started talking and couldn’t stop. RAY~RAY brings together Ella and Sarah’s combined enthusiasm for—and varied experiences in—curation; public programming; publishing; exhibition design; writing; graphic design; artist multiples; and jewelry. RAY~RAY is an art project that surrounds projects.

Wood (ash/walnut/white oak), beeswax, adhesive.
Unique version of edition of 10.

Includes bag, poster, and edition card.

  1. Supports for jewelry you already own - Necklace (Large)

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