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Victoria Cheung
self published
Artists' Books
23.3 × 30.5 cm

Victoria Cheung has obsessively collected printed asterisks from various sources: from fast food coupons to textbooks, sheet music to chip bags. These specimens are examined in a laboratory under the microscope. Cheung’s fascination lies in the design, ubiquity and shifting nature of the asterisk. As a graphic sign, she speculates that the asterisk has more than 14 functions.

“Asterisks” assembles 20 of these specimens in an unbound collection of digital prints. Each specimen is captured here magnified using a Nikon SMZ 1500 Zoom Stereomicroscope and then photographed. Each print has an accompanying accetate overlay indicating both the asterisk’s source and referent. “Asterisks” directs our attention to a typographical symbol of microscopic dimensions that performs macroscopic references.

Includes an index of the assembled samples, original asterisks specimens in glassine envelope and certificate. Boxed in a metal case with slip cover. Edition of 52, signed and numbered.

  1. Asterisks

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