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Leon Qu
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13 × 20 × 0.1 cm

To Leon Qu, “Glass” is an experiment with materials and image making. The concept is to explore the meanings of art, stripping away ideas such as culture, politics, ideology and etc. As a result, art and the act of art making are returned to a pure white box.

Leon Qu is a photo-based artist. He graduated from the Visual Arts Department of University of Victoria, Canada, 2006. Qu has worked in the media and the educational sectors in China. Since 2010, he has set up his photo studio and begins to work in the creation, promotion and education of contemporary art. He is the author of two books — an artist’s monograph and an essay collection of his oversea study experience. Qu is also the managing editor and producer of “Frontline: Interviews with International Contemporary Photo-based Artists.”

  1. Glass

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