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Art Basel VIP Cards

Eric Doeringer
Self published
25.8 × 22.8 cm

A replica of the VIP cards given to important collectors, artists, and dealers by the Art Basel organization for their Miami Beach fair in 2006. The signed & numbered sheets of polystyrene are perforated so that the cards can be snapped out and carried in a purse or wallet (there is a strip of sandpaper adhered to the back of the print so one can round the corners of the card). The name on the back of the card, Reece Grindoir, is a unisex anagram of Doeringer’s name.

Actual VIP cards for the event allowed the bearer admission to the preview, vernissage, and opening night of Art Basel Miami Beach 2006; and then unlimited entry to the fair, special VIP events, the satellite fairs, and South Floridian art museums. VIP’s also had access to the Collectors’ Lounge at Art Basel, received a complementary copy of the Art Basel catalog, and could be chauffeured around Miami in special BMWs.

Edition of 15, signed and numbered.

  1. Art Basel VIP Cards

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