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DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Small)

Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison
18.5 cm

“Morrison’s art engages a pre-modern architecture and design history – moments from art deco, utopian architecture, and interior design all inform his work. In his installations and objects, Morrison is interested in the constant recycling of aesthetic codes – the post-modern pre-modern – and how these aesthetics are used to stand in for outside notions of authenticity. This is not the history of ‘important’ art and artists, but rather a history of the kind of peripheral art that ornaments middle-class houses, advertises for small businesses, or hangs behind nostalgic bars. In Morrison’s work all these complex references are brought into relation in a single picture frame – like that of the cubists. Depth and surface are in constant disagreement.”
Henry Andersen / Sonia Dermience
Komplot, Brussels

Unique edition. Ceramic plate. 18.5 cm radius.

  1. alex morrison small

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