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Lead of Lady Wrestlers trading cards (individual)

Andrea Leigh Pelletier and Ben Freedman
self published
6.5 × 9 × 0.1 cm

Full-colour trading cards with photographs by Ben Freedman, designed by Aubyn O’Grady and Andrea Leigh Pelletier. Sold individually or in a set of 11.


Inspired by the spectacle and performance that is inherent to professional wrestling, we are a community-engaged art collective responding to gendered stereotypes and inequalities, traditional socio-cultural values and are at once both a celebration of feminine identities and comedic subversion of those stereotypes.

At the very core of this project is a relocation of power. The wrestling ring is the chosen vane for our presentation because it allows for the inversion of traditional roles and gendered expectations. It is a stage where the spectacle is embraced and expected, leaving, naturally, a place for the comedic.

Characters are individually created by each participating wrestler. Inspired by the local landscape and constituents affecting gendered identities, each character embodies these conventions while subverting their consequences. The collective result is organic as the project relies on this collaboration; an abomination of these values while embracing and celebrating femininity and strength.

Community engaged art responds to the needs of the community it represents. The LOLW intends to call on members of our community to define those issues they find troublesome oppressive, and address them through their wrestling characters. Wrestling within the ring allows participants to suspend gendered expectations and traditional roles, and embrace aspects of our personalities that are suppressed and not always celebrated.

  1. league of lady 01
  2. league of lady 02

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